Fighting climate change
one startup at a time.

We help climate tech startups

Climate tech startups operate in complex, highly-regulated markets. The Ad Hoc Group helps early and late stage startups translate policy and regulatory insight into business returns, design and execute go-to-market strategies, and source and close deals.


The startups we work with are solving the toughest climate challenges.

Here are our past and present clients.


pano_sonia kastner

Sonia Kastner

Founder and CEO

Pano AI

"We wouldn't be where we are without The Ad Hoc Group team. They were instrumental in helping us understand our market and its regulatory drivers, refine our product offering and messaging, and close our first deals. Rather than arms-length advisors, they have been part of the Pano team from nearly day 1.”

impulse_sam damico

Sam D’Amico


Impulse Labs

“Working with The Ad Hoc Group has been a great experience. They were super clutch when it came to closing a Series A in the difficult funding environment of 2022. They helped us get deals over the finish line by highlighting important policy tailwinds to investors, presenting complex information in an immediately understandable way.”

dandelion_kathy hannun

Kathy Hannun

President and Founder

Dandelion Energy

“The Ad Hoc Group has been an essential partner to the Dandelion team from early in our journey. Their ability to quickly understand the regulatory and and political dynamics of our market and translate that into a focused growth plan has ensured that we have invested our precious resources on the right markets at the right time.”

greenlots_brett hauser

Brett Hauser

Former CEO


“We worked with The Ad Hoc Group to stress-test and refine our go-to-market strategy and ensure that our regulatory and sales strategies were aligned and that our senior team was speaking the same language. I’d recommend their services to anyone trying to navigate transportation electrification or any other heavily regulated market.”

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