Rather than arm’s length advisors, we operate as an extension of your team and hold ourselves accountable for delivering measurable business outcomes. As our name suggests, we’re not designed to be a forever resource. Our goal is to eventually work ourselves out of a job by helping our clients build their own internal capabilities.

That’s the Ad Hoc way.



Policy & Regulatory Support

We are your fractional policy and regulatory team giving you the insight and leverage you need to shape markets and create new revenue opportunities. We’ll help you engage in regulatory proceedings, partner with key stakeholders, and hire/manage lobbyists as needed.

Sales & Go-to-Market Support

We are your fractional sales support team helping you target the right markets at the right time, connecting you with key buyers and influencers to qualify opportunities, and providing key market intelligence and support to help you close deals and build partnerships.

Search & Organizational Design Support

We help you hire policy and sales leaders to fuel your growth, including sourcing candidates, designing the interview process, and vetting and selecting finalists.

Supporting Services

Fundraising Strategy

We help you develop your fundraising strategy and investor target list, refine your investor pitch, build your data room, and ensure you’re prepared to answer the tough questions.

Thought Leadership

We help you develop your communications strategy, assist with media outreach, and develop an event and awards strategy. If you need a full service PR firm, we’ll help you hire and manage them.


At AHG, we are experts in helping climate tech companies navigate complex, regulated markets. The core industries we serve today include:

Building Decarbonization

Building Decarbonization

Promote energy efficiency solutions and electrify cooking, heating and cooling

Climate<br />Resilience


Prevent and respond to natural disasters that cause and contribute to climate change

Carbon<br />Removal


Remove and permanently sequester CO2 through natural and mechanical processes



Decarbonize transportation and scale battery vehicle charging solutions

Grid<br />Services


Build the grid of the future with technologies that measure, control, and conserve energy

Industrial<br />Decarbonization


Decrease emissions from heavy industry through electrification and material efficiency


We are proud to have partnered with clients across the climate tech ecosystem. See below for a selection of clients past and present:

AHG is always looking to expand the types of clients that we serve within the climate tech ecosystem. If you are a climate tech entrepreneur, investor, or ally in the space, get in touch with us.