Comprehensive List Of Climate Tech Job Boards

Comprehensive List Of Climate Tech Job Boards

Nov 17, 2022

For a brief moment in time, I worked at Twitter via the Gnip acquisition. It’s been hard to watch some of the most talented and passionate people I’ve ever worked with lose their jobs so suddenly. The one shiny glimmer of hope to me is this is a once in a decade opportunity to get so many passionate people to join climate tech startups. As Jeff Hammerbacher once said, “The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads. That sucks.”

If you were laid off, here is a list of climate tech related job boards. If this is a bit overwhelming, start with the ClimateDraft, ClimateTech VC and My Climate Journey job boards. Peter Reinhardt of Charm Industrial posted an in-depth LinkedIn post on how workers at software companies have skills that climate tech startups need.

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Start Here:

Climatescape also has a great database of different climate tech companies, accelerators, VCs and more.

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