Getting Started With Newsletters For Climate Tech

Getting Started With Newsletters For Climate Tech

March 2023

In the spirit of our last blog post, a roundup of climate tech job boards, we wanted to pull together another roundup of newsletters that we thought would be helpful for climate tech startups. You can’t read everything, but it’s helpful sometimes to take a big step back to take stock of what’s available.

I started in climate tech almost six years ago, and nearly all of the newsletters are new. It’s heartening to see how many publications are prioritizing coverage on climate change. A quick search on climate in Substack revealed a plethora of newsletters I didn’t know about.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that The Ad Hoc Group has a monthly newsletter on climate tech + policy that I think takes a unique approach to policy issues. Sign up here.

Daily Climate and Energy News Roundups 

Multi-Weekly Updates

  • Business Insider Sustainability (Signup) - Focused on understanding the culture and business of sustainability.
  • Emerging Tech Brew (Signup) - Focused on startups in general, but has some of the best profiles on climate tech startups around.
  • Semafor for Climate (Signup) - Climate’s most pressing issues with a global focus.
  • Volts (Signup) - David Robert’s newsletter & podcast about the technology, politics, and policy of decarbonization.

Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundups 

  • Atlantic’s Weekly Planet (Signup) - Climate reporter Robinson Meyer’s guide to living through climate change, from our climate reporter Robinson Meyer.
  • Cipher from Breakthrough Energy (Signup) - Climate news from Amy Harder and team on getting to net zero.
  • Climate Tech Weekly from GreenBiz (Signup) - Helpful spotlight on the world of climate technology
  • EnergyWeekly from Greenbiz (Signup)
  • GreenBuzz from GreenBiz (Signup) - Covering the latest sustainable business news, trends & analysis
  • LA Times Boiling Point (Signup) - A newsletter for people who care about the environment and climate across California, the American West and the globe.
  • MIT The Spark (Signup) - An explainer on the tech that could combat the climate crisis
  • The New York Times Climate Forward (Signup - paid subscription) - Focusing on the greater climate issues, especially issues like biodiversity, climate resilience, etc.
  • WSJ Climate & Energy (Signup) - A weekly roundup of news, analysis and exclusive data focused on the intersection of business, money and climate.

Venture Capital 

  • ClimateRaise (Signup) - A newsletter about women-led climate startups
  • CTVC (Signup) - Climate deals, jobs, spotlights on climate tech startups.
  • Lowercase Carbon Climate Jobs (Signup) - Weekly spotlight on jobs in their portfolio
  • MCJ Climate Voices (Signup) - Great spotlight on climate tech startups and interviews with folks in the field.
  • Greentown Labs (Signup) - A helpful way to get to know the Greentown startups and their communities
  • ThirdSphere (Signup) - Monthly updates about climate + startups

Organization Newsletters With Commentary and Analysis

  • AEE Weekly (Signup) - Weekly policy updates, business updates and other important issues in the advanced energy industry
  • Carbon 180 (Signup) - A weekly newsletter about carbon dioxide removal
  • Rewiring America (Signup) - A newsletter on how to electrify everything
  • RMI Spark (Signup) - A weekly newsletter on their work toward a clean energy future featuring helpful research

Substacks/Personal Newsletters

  • Callaway Climate Insights (Signup) - A newsletter on the world’s financial markets and climate.
  • The Crucial Years (Signup) - Bill McKibben’s newsletter on winning the climate fight.
  • Distilled Earth (Signup) - Investigative climate journalism from Michael Thomas (founder of Carbon Switch).
  • Heated (Signup) - Emily Atkin’s newsletter for people who are pissed off about the climate crisis.
  • New York Climate (Signup) - Focused around climate happenings in NYC
  • Texas Energy and Power Newsletter (Signup) - Brand new newsletter analyzing current issues facing the Texas power grid and broader energy systems.

What climate or energy newsletter am I missing that you think would be interesting to climate tech startups? Email me with recommendations at