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The Ad Hoc Gist: Manchin’s Electric Big Bang

This month’s Gist cautions that the new Inflation Reduction Act could accelerate a distributed electric time bomb putting further strain on our fragile grid if regulators don’t reform our antiquated energy markets with more urgency.


The Ad Hoc Gist: Fear of a Chinese Battery Planet

This month’s Gist takes on battery manufacturing, supply chain, and tech. In short, China is kicking our butt and we need to get our act together fast or we’ll concede our battery future. AHG is hiring a Senior Comms Manager. Interested? Apply here. Enjoying the Gist? Forward to those who should subscribe. And if there’s…


The Ad Hoc Gist: Cement is Really Hard

This month’s Gist is about concrete and its chief component – cement – one of the truly hard matters of decarbonization, and an emerging focus of new tech and policy innovation.


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People as Moat – Ad Hoc Expands into Search

In climate tech, we talk a lot about, well, technology. But talk with most CEOs and they’ll share that the hardest part of their job is figuring out how to hire and retain the right people. In my experience, a company’s ability to hire and effectively onboard the right people is what differentiates successful businesses from those that falter. Because, as a CEO, you can have a great vision, but if you don’t have the right people, you can’t execute it.

A Conversation with Vida and Devin

We invited two leaders, Devin Hampton, CEO of UtilityAPI, and Vida Asiegbu, principal at Energy Impact Partners, for a candid conversation on equity and representation in the energy transition.



Unbound Wildfire Liability is a Cost the US Can’t Afford

Utility wildfire mitigation plans aren’t enough.

“We are all one spark away from bankruptcy,” said one utility CEO at the recent Western Conference of Public Service Commissioners meeting. 

He was speaking about wildfires: a topic under regular conversation at energy industry events and in utility board rooms. The business of providing electricity is being turned on its head, and all of us are paying a price....

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Brian Kooiman

USEA Power Sector Podcast Episode 27: The Ad Hoc Group Principal Brian Kooiman

In Part 3 of a series on distribution system resources and reliability, The Ad Hoc Group Principal Brian Kooiman answered questions by journalist Herman K. Trabish about the role of demand side flexibility in the U.S. power sector resource mix and reforms are urgently needed from federal and state regulators to allow customer-owned resources to realize their potential to improve electricity delivery reliability, reduce customer bills, and achieve decarbonization goals.

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Climate investors are already bracing for Trump

Donald Trump’s victory in yesterday’s New Hampshire Republican presidential primary makes clear the stark choice coming into view for voters: On one side, an incumbent president whose signature climate achievement — the Inflation Reduction Act — is doing more to accelerate the energy transition than any other U.S. policy against an opponent who continues to deny basic climate science and for whom “drill, baby, drill” is the cornerstone of his energy platform.

Clean energy investors may be hoping for the former, but are already preparing for the latter.

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